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Chapter Seven

For My Sanity: I don't own Harry Potter, Dear Dumb Diary, Dork Diaries, any of the Fairy Tales mentioned, and I especially don't own Twilight. I also don't own Staples Business Depot. Any opinions expressed in the following part are sorely those of my characters, whom I do own, and any resemblance to any of the authoresses opinions may or may not be coincidental. I make no profit from the books mentioned in this part, or from mentioning Staples. That was easy. Enjoy!

Previously: Claire and Danica break for lunch, where Claire has a moment and when Danica offers her comfort, realizes that finally, everything will turn out right.


The tinkling of a shop bell welcomed them into the store. Although it was more of a very cozy living room, as anyone who walked into Splendora's thought. Weathered wooden shelves lined the walls, crammed with books of all shapes and sizes. A gas fire place warmed up the tidy shop, where people of all ages sat, reading books. Cozy chairs were scattered around, in between shelves and in corners, every so often giving comfort to the standing people. Some people found themselves sitting on a cozy rug or wedged into a corner, reading a classic tale.

A tall woman behind a white, weathered, wooden counter leafed through a book, occasionally stealing glances at the customers. She smiled to herself, watching the few bookworms browse quietly, her eyes briefly glancing to a reading corner where two girls sat reading to a group of little kids.

“That's Dora,” Danica murmured, having noticed Claire’s purple gaze eyeing the tall woman curiously. She looked up, eyeing the two women walking towards her, a smile on her face.

“Danica! How's it going?”

“Hey Dora. Same old, same old. How about you? It sure looks like you're busy,” Danica responded.

With a cheery laugh, Dora looked around her shop. “That's true. The twins have had to step in and read to the kids on the weekends to help me keep some hair on my head! This must be Claire!”

“How'd you know?” Claire asked, briefly ceasing her observing of Splendora's shop.

“Fran called. Said Danica was around with a relative, named Claire. Here's Danica. So you must be Claire.”

Danica smiled. “Claire is my cousin. We're out running some errands.”

“An afternoon in the village. She took you to the best place for errand running,” Dora said, smiling.

Nodding, Danica continued. “When she arrived yesterday, the way my parents' house looked reminded her of a castle. So I thought, why not bother Dora, and get Claire some fairy tales?”

“Splendid!” Dora said, pushing herself off the counter and turning to Claire.

“Tell me, Claire, how old are you?” She asked, smiling.

“Ten. I turn eleven next month.”

“WELL! You must know the classics,” Dora said, whisking away into a snug aisle. Danica gave Claire a little shove, urging her to follow Dora. She stopped at a shelf in the middle of the aisle, immediately pulling out several books. A small, thick volume found its way into Claire's small hands.

“This book is filled with the happy ending fairy tales you've probably read about before,” Dora started. “The ones about princesses, like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Snow White, the Little Mermaid-any princess story you could think of!”

She pulled down a small blue book from the very top shelf. “This one is filled with the lesser known fables, like Puss in Boots, Snow White and Rose Red, and some others that are really cute.” A few more books made their way of the shelf, each fairy tale sounding more and more alluring to Claire.

When there was a small stack of them in her hands, Dora smiled. “There we go, look through those. I'm going to quickly grab some other books you might like reading.” And, with a smile, she turned into an aisle labelled young fiction. Claire looked at the books in her hands.

“Go with that one, the big red one there,” a voice said from behind Claire. “It's got a lot of tales.”

“They aren't very happy, though,” Another voice said, from Claire's left. She looked up—the two girls who had been reading to the younger children earlier had joined her side.

“Oh! We didn’t introduce ourselves, I'm sorry!” The first one said. “I'm Ariana Rivers,” The short brunette smiled, her sparkling blue eyes peering out from beneath the bangs of her short, wavy hair. She sat beside Claire, and shook her hand.

“And this is my twin sister, Amber.” The slightly taller girl waved hi, plopping down on Claire's left. Her black hair was half up in a little side ponytail, the rest of her medium length hair down. Her green eyes sparkled as she smiled shyly.

“You'll hafta excuse Ari, she talks to everyone like she's known them forever,” The one called Amber said. As if to prove her point, Ariana looked up from the book pile.

“Hey, Danica! I haven't seen you around lately,” She said, Danica ceasing her mindless book browsing, startled.

Claire smiled. “I'm Claire. I'm new around here.”

“We know,” Ariana said, flipping through a small green volume. “This one is good, all the exotic fairy tales that take place in Arabian cities, The Caribbean...”

Grimacing, Amber tossed a light pink book back on the shelf. “That one was way too corny,” she said as she put the three books her sister had already approved in one pile, and the rejects in another. “Our mom tends to be very enthusiastic when it comes to books,” Amber stated.

“And so, it's our job to make sure she doesn't send people away with too much for them to handle,” Ariana said, putting the rejects back on the shelves.

Claire tilted her head and looked at Amber. “I didn't know that Dora was your mommy,” she said.

“We get that a lot,” Ari said. "I guess we look more like dad."

“And we haven't called her 'mommy' in ages,” Amber added, thoughtfully.

“I have!”

Amber snickered as Dora turned the corner with a large pile of books in her hands.

“See?” Amber said to Claire, as Splendora, like her daughters, plopped down in front of Claire dropping the books. “Okay, so these are...oh! I see you've met the twins!” she said, gesturing towards the two girls on either side of Claire. Nodding, Claire turned towards the newest book pile, pushing her small pile of fairy tales towards Danica. Having gotten hooked to the book, she had sunk into the nearest plush chair, abandoning her purse beside her.

“Oh! The Dear Dumb Diary series, those are hilarious!” Ariana said, picking up one of the paperbacks and flipping through it.

“You can read them all really fast, though, so I'd suggest going to the library or taking, like the first four...”

“But, at the same time, you'll want to read them over and over again, ‘cause they're really funny.”

“You agree with me then? She should get the rest from the library?.”

Ariana shrugged. “I guess so. But, here Claire, take the first two, just in case!”

Claire grabbed the books from Ariana, and placed them in the pile by Danica's purse. She turned to a hardcover pink book, called Dork Diaries.

“These are like the Dear Dumb Diary books,” Splendora began. Before she could continue, Ariana and Amber both shouted, “No! Not that series!”

“Why not?” Claire asked, Dora giving her kids a strange look.

“They are so girly-” Amber said.

“And stereotypical! I mean, really there aren't any girls as mean as Mackenzie is, in that book!” Ariana interrupted, shoving the series to the side, “although, the drawings are cute and the main character is relatable in some ways.”

“Alright, here're the next books I thought you'd like...” Dora said.

And so, the next hour passed with Splendora offering up book titles, either Ariana or Amber putting in their two cents then sorting the books into piles. When the rejected pile and the read it or else pile were about equal height, Claire stopped the Rivers family from giving her more books.

“Are you sure it's enough? Dora asked, as Claire picked up the books and held them in her arms.

“Yup, absolutely positively sure,” She replied, turning towards Danica, attempting to snap her out of the world of the novel she was reading.

“Daaaannnnniiiicccccccaaaaa...Let's go, I got all the books I need!”

That is a big pile,” she said, snapping back to reality. Happily nodding, Amber and Ariana appeared beside her, with seven books in a boxed set.

“You must take these books,” Amber said, taking the boxed set from her sister and putting it at the top of Claire's pile.

“The Harry Potter series,” Ariana said. “One of the greatest series ever made, you'll love it!”

“We both loved them, and we've seen every movie so far,” Amber said, as they walked with Claire and Danica to the counter.
Claire smiled behind the stack of books she held. Behind the counter, Dora rang up the titles. A last minute decision made, Danica threw the novel that was in her hands into the pile.

“Twilight? You still haven't read that series?” Dora asked.

“...Not yet. But I'll start now, I guess,” Danica said smiling. Amber and Ariana grimaced at the book title. At Claire's questioning look, Ariana told her, “It was a decent book. Well, the concept mostly. Except the sparkling, that’s weird. And Bella was a really bland character, in all honesty.”

“Every other character in the series were way more interesting than the main characters. It was kinda sad,” Amber added.

“Here are your books," Dora began, handing Claire a nice reusable bag. "I gave you a bit of a discount too,” Dora mentioned, winking.

"Thank you," Danica said, a warm hand on Claire's back, guiding them to the door.

“Bye Claire!”

“See you at school this week!”
“School, that's right. You'll be starting this week,” Danica mumbled moments later, pulling into the local Staples. “We should run in and pick out some things. Backpack, lunchbox, pencil case, a binder or two...”

Claire didn't say anything. She was exhausted, and thinking of school was tiring. One quick trip in and out of Staples later, Claire was back in the van, nearly dozing off. She leant against the window, watching everything speed by.

Danica, meanwhile, was once again thinking of Derrick. He was just so infuriating. Not to mention cocky, annoying, a bit of a smartass, handsome, charming...wait, where'd that come from? Danica thought.

Preoccupied with her thoughts, as they neared the exit for Swim City, Danica misread it, pulling the van onto the off ramp. Once they were stopped at the lights, Danica quickly realized her mistake.

“Oh—shoot, Sorry Claire. We may be a while getting home.”


“Wrong exit,” She murmured, as she turned left to find the on ramp.

“This is Swim City,” Claire said out loud. “Shouldn't it be all empty?”

Danica, more focused on getting onto the highway once more, looked around. The once diseased city looked a tad bit better. It looked neater, a few people milling about.

“I don't know. Maybe they've cleaned it up? Oh! There's the on ramp!” Turning onto the highway, determined to pass the bus, the two companions breathed a sigh of relief, glad to be back on the road home.
Walking out of the bus stop and past the on ramp to the cleaner cities, Melthore paid no heed to the van turning onto the highway. He didn't blame them. In fact, if his licence hadn't been taken away years ago, instead of taking the bus, like he did today, he would've been driving out of Swim City like a madman, too.

His lawyer's call had definitely been beneficial, if it were to bring him to this shitty city.

Melthore smirked to himself as he walked into the national bank, each stride with more and more confidence. He walked up to the front desk, looking at the woman behind it.

Through the foggy haze that was his mind at this specific moment, Melthore could've sworn he'd slept with her before. Trying to steady himself through his sudden dizzy spell, he leaned on the desk, smiling at the woman.

“And how may I help you today, sir?”

“Hello. My name is Melthore Aerovl, and my daughter has been left a large amount of money by her mother, Sophia Evans. If I am not mistaken, it is a massive fortune,” he stated, trying to be as suave and smart—like as possible, his head hurting from attempting to remember his love’s last name.

The lady at the desk had heard about the little heiress. At that week's meeting, they had been given a specific set of instructions in regards to the girl's inheritance.

“Yes, I am aware of the situation. And, the size of said inheritance. And how would it concern you, Mr. Aerovl?” She asked, icily.

“Well, I would like to make a withdrawal from the account, seeing as how I am her legal guardian and—”

“No you aren't,” the woman cut him off, wiping the cocky grin off his face.


“As of last Friday, you were officially unregistered as her legal guardian. She was taken to the Swan Valley Social Services, thus making them her current legal caretakers.”

Before he could protest, the woman continued. “As such, the account is frozen until Miss Aerovl is either adopted, comes of age, or is physically giving her consent to family and is with them in person. So, Mr. Aerovl, You cannot under any circumstances access the account at all.” She finished with an air of finality.

Melthore felt a surge of boiling hot rage ignite inside him.

“Good day, sir.” She said, beckoning the next person in line forward. Furious, Melthore turned on his heel and stormed out of the bank, a scowl etched onto his face.

Time to make a plan B.
Remnants: Chapter 7


I meant to have this up DAYS AGO

Like I'm talking end ish of August, before pre-week and frosh week, around the time I finished Crystal Springs (totally read it if you haven't! I know it's fanfiction but I have so many of my own OC's in there it's nearly original work--except that I borrowed Santa and JAck Frost from another universe), but I was tired when I was editing it so I saved it to Stash (which is actually a great editing medium like wow) and said "I'll go over it later!"

BUT THEN training started, and I spent most if not all of pre week exhausted and nowhere near a computer. Then Frosh Week happened and my Froshlings were so wonderful!!!

So yeah, now it;s friday night, two of my housemates are at two different parties and my boyfriend is at work, and here I am, at home, writing, and cuddling stuffed animals. I live an exciting life on the edge!

So yeah, edited Chappie 7! I shall try to post more regularly, now that CS is finished and the Sequel isn't ready to be fulyl written yet (I need to plot graph it and then do some research on business programs at postsecondary institutions in the states. Anyone have any pointers?) I'll try to update Remnants every other week, at least. It WILL BE DONE THIS YEAR!

A lot of disclaimers for this chapter! Some of my own opinions did wedge themselves in there, admittedly. I'm sure Claire will go back when she's odler and get the books she wanted to read that Ari and Amber shoved aside!

And Melthore has revealed to us the rest of the plot! WHAT WILL HE DO NEXT?!?!
Remnants, Swan Valley, and all related characters belong to/are property of SafyreSky. Any resemblance to any person/place/thing they bear is mostly coincidental; the opinions, thoughts and views expressed through the characters bear no resemblance to the author's opinions. Please do not use or reproduce without my permission.
I haven't updated Remnants in a while, and I apologize! I'm wrapping up Crystal Springs, currently writing the second last chapter now. I don't even know if I'll be able to update it today!

I got behind because one chapter gave me a lot of trouble, and then I caught up to how ahead I was. So, I'm gonna focus fully on Crystal Springs now. By next week, it will be finished. Then, Remnants will get my full fledged attention! I will wrap it up for November! November is NaNoWiMo and I think I'm gonna try to either write the sequel to Crystal Springs or the next story in the Swan Valley world--though it decidedly needs a lot of research, first.

But yeah. I was up in Kingston painting all weekend, and that was rewarding but exhausting. Then next weekend we have to finish up the other rooms and clean up the house and start loading furniture and then I think I'm set to move in for the school year!

But yeah. an update in the life of Dani. I have paint in places I didn't know paint could be...
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A comfortable silence followed the little girl and young woman after their interesting encounter with Derrick. It followed them through the parking lot, out onto Restaurant Lane—as it was so properly named, and towards a small orange brick cafe.

Round tables occupied the outside porch as jazz music played quietly in the background. The portico was filled with the quiet murmuring of hungry patrons, the clicks of glasses and forks and knives scratching the plates. Occasionally, a loud laugh would ring out from one of the tables, adding to the pleasant atmosphere.

“Hi there! How's it going?” the hostess asked, watching the two girls approach the doors.

“Oh, just peachy,” Stated Danica, a forced smile on her face. “Table for two, please.”

“Inside or out?”

“Ummm, outside,” she said, offering a weary smile.

“Excellent,” The hostess looked at Claire. “Would you like a kids menu?” she asked.

Glancing at Danica, Claire nodded. The hostess smiled, grabbed a long black menu and a piece of paper about the size of a place mat, along with some crayons, and began to walk through the tables. They weaved through the small crowd enjoying one of those rare, warm October days on the porch of the cafe and were shown to a small table just a little ways away from the other customers.

“Here are your menus, and today's special is our French onion soup...” the hostess listed the specials, as Claire grabbed a crayon and started to colour in a picture of a tea cup named Saucer.

Opening her menu, Danica nodded occasionally as the hostess continued listing the specials. Departing, the hostess assured them that their waitress would be here shortly. Murmuring a slight “thank you”, Danica turned her attention back to the menu. Lost in thought, she stared blankly at the menu. Honestly, every time she saw him, he got more and more annoying. And he just wouldn't let her live down that one night she so desperately wanted to forget.

“I like that Derrick guy,” Said Claire, as she coloured the teacup's eyes a vivid blue.

“He's funny. But he cheated,” she murmured, turning her attention to the smiling brownie asking her to help find Saucer's way to the grumpy Kettle.

“He cheated? How?” Danica asked curiously, trying to decide on which sandwich sounded better.

Claire, attempting to make the grumpy kettle happy, shrugged, “I don't know how. But he cheated. But he's still funny,” she stated, giving up on Grumpy Kettle and connecting the dots on Tammy the Teapot.

Danica smiled. Funny indeed, she thought, deciding on Saucer's grilled ham and cheese sandwich, dwelling on the thought of Derrick.

Despite his annoying presence towards the afternoon, Danica thought it had been a very productive morning. Claire now had a bunch of clothes that fit her properly, and she seemed to be doing so much better than yesterday when she first came to the door.

Had it really only been yesterday? She wondered, giving the red-headed waitress her order and asking for a cold, tall diet coke. The girl nodded, and looked at Claire, asking what she wanted.

“Hmmmm...I think I'm going to have...chicken fingers. With fries,” Claire said, colouring Tammy a bright yellow.

“And to drink?” the waitress asked, as the resounding snap of the yellow crayon breaking on Tammy's handle reached their ears.

“Apple juice, please. And a new yellow crayon. The evil teapot broke mines.” Claire said, glaring at the teapot.

Laughing, the waitress promised to be right back with the crayon and drinks, assuring them that the meal would be ready as soon as possible. Danica picked up her napkin, closely watching Claire. A section on the kids menu was blank, except for the colourful font on top saying:

Challenge yourself! Saucer loves his sister, Truffle the teacup. Who do you love, or are fond of? Draw us a picture, right here!

What interested Danica about this were the figures Claire was drawing. A relatively tall obviously female stick figure with disproportionate arms was at the top. She had black lines—Danica assumed that was hair—and two big violet spots—eyes, the brunette corrected herself—on the round circle that served as the smiling face.

There were other stick figures, too—a tall one with brown curled hair, a stick man with brown hair all over the place, an older looking stick man with three straight lines for hair and glasses, another female stick figure with grey hair and streaks of black in it, and her personal favourite, the stick figure with a big smile and a big brown ponytail with a white bow on top.

As Danica observed Claire's drawings, Claire looked up. Putting her crayon down, she looked at Danica like a lawyer would look at a client and said, “Yeeeeesssssss?”

“What're you drawing?” she asked.


“Well, I can see that. I mean, who are you drawing? Here, have some of the bread, it's tasty,” Danica replied, as a smiling waitress brought them warm bread and butter, plus a new yellow crayon. Happily, Claire ate the bread and used the new yellow crayon to get her revenge on the evil teapot. After munching for a few minutes, Claire looked up at Danica's curious gaze.

“Well, this one here with the bow is Fran, cuz she's a nice tall lady. And these two here with grey hair, except for the one here with the black in it, cuz I guess she isn't old, are your mommy and daddy. What can I call them?” Claire asked slash stated, all in one breath.

Danica shrugged. “They are your great aunt and uncle, even though they're only in their fifties, so I guess you can call them aunt and uncle, even after you're legally adopted,” Danica replied in a rush, buttering her bread and wondering why Claire drew Fran of all people.

“Okie dokie. Anyways, this here is Chrissie, cuz I think she had pretty hair, and this guy here is Derrick, cuz he's funny. But he cheated. This one here with the funny hat is the nanny that took care of me when my mom got sick—” Claire cut herself off abruptly, realizing what she had just said. She quieted down, staring at the stick figure with the purple eyes and the black hair gloomily.

"And this one here is my mommy," she said, quietly, a tear running down her cheek.

Awkwardly, Danica looked at the little girl. She placed down her knife and bread, and grabbed the sullen girl's hand.

"Hey, it's okay to be sad. Sometimes you gotta be sad, very very sad, before you can try to pick up all the little pieces and make yourself happy again."

"I-I know its okie dokie to be sad, but it's hard cuz then when I went to live with my father, well, what I mean is that it was never like that."

"Well of course. From what Ashlee told me, he was meaner and not exactly the most pleasant person to be around."

"I could only cry when he wasn't looking or out, cuz he was a meanie and said that my crying scared his friends. Who were all girls who didn't like to wear warm clothes," Claire said as the tears ran freely down her cheeks. Danica got up from the table and rushed to Claire, embracing her.

When Claire accepted Danica's warm embrace, she realized something.

She was perfectly free to cry.

It was good for her. It helped. In fact, she could feel anything, be as loud as she wanted to-and she accepted that. Claire realized that this girl in front of her, and her parents-people who had only just entered her life-would always be there for her, no matter what troubled her.

"You're right. Thanks Danica," suddenly, Claire realized something, "I need you to go back and sit down now, cuz your elbow is on my other stick person."

Smiling, Danica sat back down and continued on, almost as if nothing had happened, although they had had a very special moment; Claire had realized what the first step was for fixing her murky past, in order to move on to her bright future.

“It's all finished now! Lookie here, Danica, this one with the black hair that's everywhere is Duncan, he's a cute-ish boy I met at Fran's shop, and he had really blue eyes, they were too blue and he mentioned school too, and this one's my favourite here, it's you, see the curly-ish brown hair?”

Laughing as their drinks came, Danica and Claire had a lovely little lunch. Claire happily munched her fries and sipped her apple juice, prattling on about all her thoughts and feelings.

Whenever she brought up Derrick, Danica nimbly avoided the question and switched the subject. They talked about school, how far she'd walk, and Danica gave Claire a bunch of information on her parents.

“So, Uncle Victor is a lawyer?”

“Yup. He's a pretty good one too, but he has a bad sense of humour. Bad in a good way, if that makes any sense,” Danica said, sipping her after lunch coffee and going through the dessert menu.

“OH! Chocolate cake!” Claire yelled loudly, excitedly clapping her hands in her seat. Danica laughed, smiling widely as she recalled the moments like this when she was Claire's age.

Claire demanded chocolate cake from the waitress, who was happy to oblige—it wasn't often she got to serve a kid as interesting as this strange violet-eyed child. As they waited for the chocolate cake, Claire slurping her apple juice, Danica continued talking about her parents.

“Your Aunt is a baker. She works in a nice little bakery not too far from here Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.”

“Is that why her chocolate cake was so yummy?”

“Of course. She loves baking, and boy can she bake.”

The dessert arrived, and a moment of silence passed as the two females ate the large piece of chocolate cake in front of them.

“What do you do?” Claire asked suddenly, her mouth full of chocolate.


“Well auntie is a baker and uncle is a lawyer, then what do you do?”

A look of sadness passed on Danica's face briefly, replaced with the smallest of smiles. “I'm a waitress at Turtle Jack's,” she said. “I'm still not sure what I want to do, but I’ve been saving up to take some courses for a little while,” she finished, fighting Claire's fork for the last piece of cake.

Triumphant, Claire put the last piece in her mouth, nodding her head and murmuring a low “oh”. As they finished their drinks and the waitress gave Danica the bill, Claire's normally troubled thoughts were for once, utterly happy. Curiously, she wondered what Danica had planned for them for the rest of the day.

As if reading her thoughts as they turned to go, Danica started running through her mental list, once again. “So, next I want to get you stuff for school and stop by Splendora's, so we can get you some books, and later I can dig up the bookshelf from the basement and we can stick it in your room, and then I think we're done for the day. I feel like I'm forgetting something important...” Danica murmured.

“Okie dokie, then.”

“Why do you keep saying that?”

“Saying what?”

“Okie-dokie so much,” Danica replied, getting annoyed with the phrase.

“I heard a lady using it earlier today when we were at Fran's. It sounded funny, and I liked It.” she stated. Shrugging, Danica accepted the answer, as they turned off of the busy restaurant lane and onto York Avenue.

“Dora's shop is just down the street,” Danica continued. “We'll be there shortly, and you can go crazy. Within a reasonable limit.”

Laughing, Claire said Danica's favourite phrase once again, looking forward to meeting more people.
Remnants: Chapter 6
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I seem to have entered a writer's flop this past week. Not a block--I knew what I wanted to write--but a flop, because I couldn't for the life of me write it. I couldn't focus on ANYTHING until I got past the flop, which was with my fanfic, Crystal Springs! I think you'll all be as happy as the CS readers to know that I finally got past that danged flop last night. It took two weeks, but I did it! Yas!

Remnants wise now, this chapter was mostly filler. Reading these chapters again and re-editing them, I realized that they still need a LOT of work. But hopefully, I can edit them to the Dani standard point of 'okay', and write the last few Chapters awesomely! Well, here's hoping, at least ;) Then one day, I'll completely rewrite it--or so I hope xD

ALSO if anyone can tell me how to get rid of old deviations completely that would be rad, i'm having a wee bit of a problem with that atm :p
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I haven't updated Remnants in a while, and I apologize! I'm wrapping up Crystal Springs, currently writing the second last chapter now. I don't even know if I'll be able to update it today!

I got behind because one chapter gave me a lot of trouble, and then I caught up to how ahead I was. So, I'm gonna focus fully on Crystal Springs now. By next week, it will be finished. Then, Remnants will get my full fledged attention! I will wrap it up for November! November is NaNoWiMo and I think I'm gonna try to either write the sequel to Crystal Springs or the next story in the Swan Valley world--though it decidedly needs a lot of research, first.

But yeah. I was up in Kingston painting all weekend, and that was rewarding but exhausting. Then next weekend we have to finish up the other rooms and clean up the house and start loading furniture and then I think I'm set to move in for the school year!

But yeah. an update in the life of Dani. I have paint in places I didn't know paint could be...
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